Friday, May 30, 2008

Are Prom Dresses Becoming Too Sexy/Revealing?

This post is about a trend that has slowly been going for years. It's prom time, and high school girls spend countless hours trying to find the perfect dress, for hopefully the perfect price. Not only are a good style and price factors, but outdoing other girls in the sexy department is now a battle that is at an all time high. By all time high, I mean it's at the point where a high school girl was arrested at her prom, due to her dress being WAY too revealing (see picture.) There really is no excuse for this one, other than the girl wanting WAY too much attention. Yes, it is a battle to get out there and find a dress, but you can definitely find sexy designer prom dresses out there that are a lot more classy than this, and are definitely worth paying a little more for. This girl and many others like her are simply going for the shock factor, instead of exploring how to be sexy without being trashy. The "dress" she chose was probably the worst case we'll see, as I'm not sure how much more can be shown without being illegal to even wear in public, much less a prom. All this drama will hopefully steer other girls away from such a trashy choice, and more towards spending a little bit extra if need be, in order to maintain some sort of class in this era of "the sexier the better."

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