Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Princess Project Delivers Prom Dresses to Those in Need.

With prom time rapidly approaching, girls across the country are already stressing about what they'll wear on the big night, and how they'll be able to afford it. For some, affording prom wear just isn't possible due to the high costs involved. This is where "The Princess Project" comes in. The Princess Project is an organization that provides prom dresses and accessories to those who couldn't otherwise afford it. Basically they set up special locations and ask girls to come by with a valid high school ID (no proof of income required) and get a wristband and set up a time on that day to come back, then simply go pick out a dress, accessory, and even a goodie bag with various extras from the Princes Project's sponsors. Speaking of sponsors, cell phone manufacturer Palm recently joined up with The Princess Project for a promotion that saw Palm give away a Palm Treo smartphone to the first 27 people that donated a dress to each of 8 screenings of the 20th Century Fox movie "27 Dresses," which happens to feature a cameo by the Palm Treo 755p. Palm collected 336 gowns, including one worn by Katherine Heigl in the movie! Even though some people are just now hearing about the Princess Project, it's actually been going since 2002, and has given out over 7,000 dresses to girls in the San Fransisco area. This really is a good cause that allows girls that may end up not even going to prom, the chance to not only go, but have a nice prom dress as well, and also allows many other people to help out a good cause. For information on getting a dress, or if you'd like to help out the organization, check out